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RapidDirect was built by professional mechanical engineers and designers, dedicated to serve global product designers, engineers and procurement officers who offshore their prototyping and injection molding needs to China, might find it is difficult and time consuming to find the optimal manufacturing solution for their needs. So this is an engineer to engineer talk. You do not have to spending days sending out RFQs, waiting for feedback, sending drawings, asking for different quantities, waiting for more feedback, only to receive back less than optimal pricing and lead times. RapidDirect provide the fastest, most affordable rapid prototyping, injection molding, mold tooling and CNC machining services. RapidDirect is a true partner to their clients and is committed to building long term relationships through a highly collaborative working styles and clear communication. As a leading on-demand manufacturing company, we have more than 700 equipment, including 500 CNC machines, six gantry milling sets and a range of auxiliary equipment. Besides, we have 300 professional technicians and manufacture technical experts which allow us to offer you the most professional and the best services.

When partnering with RapidDirect, you get the simplicity of multiple services from a single vendor and the ability to scale from a single prototype to dozens of pre­production parts to thousands of finished units. With the largest manufacturing network in China, RapidDirect offers superior client service, serious scalability, and optimized pricing all with the convenience of interfacing with a company founded in China. RapidDirect builds lasting relationships based on clear communication and a collaborative working style. Clients also appreciate specialty services.  




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In the year of 2014, we were a start-up company with less than 100 employees, but we insist a rapid,high efficiency, high quality working method. With our professional technical service and professional attitude, we’ve won the trust of our clients. By 2016, our customers have spread to more than 40 countries around the world, and the number of employees has increased to 248, and has won a good reputation in the industry. By the end of 2018, our team has exceeded 500 members and has become a leader in the prototype manufacturing industry. Now, We have established partnerships with companies such as BMW, Volkswagen, FILR SYSTERMS, HUAWEI etc. 

RapidDirect serves across a wide variety of industries including automotive, consumer electronics, medical equipment, lighting, appliances, home goods, and more. Because it was founded by a team of product designers and engineers, RapidDirect bridges the gap between design thinking and manufacturing. The team recognize product developer needs, understand the product development cycle, and appreciate the value of prototyping and low volume production as a critical tool from initial idea to full scale manufacturing. We offer our customers with a range of professional services mainly including CNC machining, metal sheet fabrication, 3D printing, injection molding and more. We have over 100 kinds of materials according to the drawing of our customer offered. Take plastic as a example, we can processing ABS, POM, PMMA, PC, PA, PEI, Nylon, PTFE ect. As for surface finish, we can do over 30 kinds of processing, like anodizing, sand blasting, screen printing, powder coating ect. Moreover, we also provide a professional manufacturing consultation to increase the success rate of your project. 

We are a big professional team with over 500 employees, we have over 100 technical specialist in the engineering department. With over 200 skilful technicians who can make the the process of prototype rapidly. We also have more tha 80 proficient workers for the finish of the mold making. With the assistance of the logistic team and sales team, we actually have accelerate the overall process of rapid prototyping and custom parts manufacturing.

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