CNC Machine-- How to upgrade it?


How to upgrade CNC Machine?

CNC machine modification is one of the common manufacturing equipment design, especially for small businesses, to reform the old equipment of numerical control, can not only save equipment upgrade cost but also can improve enterprise efficiency and product quality.

But enterprise equipment of numerical control reform is not easy. To be honest, this is a complex job, Let's talk about transformation together now.

CNC machine tool transformation is divided into two situations, one is the NON-CNC machine tool; The other One is to CNC machine tools for CNC transformation, and the former is far more difficult than the latter, so the following share to the first type of CNC transformation to introduce.

CNC Machine

01 CNC system selection

The choice of what kind of CNC system, not only determines the cost of your transformation but also to determine the quality of the transformation, from the current market, we can roughly start from these CNC systems.

A Japan Fanuc numerical control system, the system is stable, cow force than conventional stability, whether the operation of the system itself or demand has a strong adaptability to the environment, more important is now a lot of university teaching materials are based on Fanuc system based on to write, this means that many graduates have mastery of this system has a certain degree, the enterprise in the recruit training will have a lot of lower cost, it is also one of the advantages of the system choice, regardless of ethnic hatred of factors, this is the most recommended me a system.

B, Germany's Siemens numerical control system, this system is also a lot of people are willing to choose the mainstream of the system, its stability, and powerful natural, but there is a place where the I is not very satisfactory, it is for this system to the use of the harsh environment.

CNC Machine

02 Motor selection

The choice of motor is very critical, especially for the CNC transformation of machine tools, we need to consider a lot of factors.

A.The size of the cutting force, such as what kind of tool, what kind of machining, what kind of material and so on;

B. what is the feeding direction of the guide rail, the line rail or the slide rail? This is completely different in transmission efficiency, which means that the motor power is not the same;

C. Does the motor of the lifting shaft need to balance out the gravity of the shaft motion mechanism?

D. Is it necessary to select the motor with a locking brake for the motor of the lifting shaft to prevent slipping to the mechanism?

The choice of motor to a certain extent determines the performance of the machine tool, if the choice is not good, although the machine tool can be moved, but whether it can meet the normal use of the two said, of course, which involves a lot of calculation and check, this is not a very simple work or a lot of technical content.

CNC Machine


03 machine modification

For a lot of old equipment, its uses are mostly can feed mechanism of slide guide and T screw transmission way, this way is not very practical and rebuilding of the numerical control system, so usually we will to a certain extent, to plan the direction of the feed drive mechanism, especially the drive screw and connection of the motor, the motor fixed, etc., the structure is likely to be involved in the reprocessing and the increase of the parts and the increase of these structures also need to give full consideration to the original structure and limitations of space, so this is a very troublesome thing.

CNC Machine


Although it is very difficult to reform the CNC Machine, we still need to do it in order to save the cost.


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