Injection Molding-Hand Made Model


Injection Molding-Hand Made Model

Injection Molding opening methods are package mold, brush mold (split mold, three-dimensional mold, plane mold), perfusion mold, which is based on the size of the product to decide.

injection molding

Mold packing: first, coat the mold with a layer of soil with a thickness of 3~5mm and make a plaster coat. Remove the soil stains and mold stripping. Pour the stirred silica gel and curing agent into the mold coat and solidify it into a mold.

Brush mold: general brush three layers according to the requirements of multi-layer mold, the first layer of the brush in the mold type vacuum, brush in place.The second layer of gauze. The third cover surface is solidified.

Pouring mold: pour the mixed silica gel and curing agent into the containers of good models, and then vacuum solidify them into shape. Some cannot be directly out of the mold type must also be cut off, in order to smooth production.

Hand silicone features low viscosity, good liquidity, good operation, small shrinkage, no deformation, shrinkage in two parts per thousand. Large shrinkage, the production of products will become smaller, other liquids into solid after deformation, high-temperature resistance.

injection molding


Difference between injection molding hand plate mold and CNC hand plate machining:

1. Differences in processing methods:

The lathe processing requires a hand gong, and the vacuum coating is to make an original version, and then make a silicone mold according to the original copy for replication.

2. Material differences:

The hand plate of the general production of common materials such as ABS, PP, acrylic, and vacuum film is just like ABS, PP, acrylic materials, offering plastic injection molding.

3. Differences in processing time:

Vacuum coating can be duplicated as long as a silicone mold is made. Generally, a silicone mold can produce 8-15 products, which is much faster than CNC machining.

4. The difference in accuracy:

The precision of CNC machining is much higher than that of vacuum coating.

5. Differences in surface treatment:

Surface treatment of the hand plate model is like oil spraying. Generally, the hand plate made by CNC can be dried in the oven after oil spraying, while the hand plate made by vacuum coating can only be air-dried naturally.

Injection Molding Significance

For mold production, injection molding improves the accuracy of mold production and the efficiency of the use of the mold in the process of use, in a sense, to promote the whole mold production process. In the development of precision injection mold, the design cost is reduced to some extent, and the production efficiency and quality of mold are improved. At present are constantly in the development of economy in our country, the precision injection molds in our country still is from the start stage, so the development of precision plastic injection mold in the development of the future will have a certain progress, thus makes precision injection molding production technology to a certain extent, achieved certain development and improve, so in a sense, will greatly promote the development of mould manufacturing and progress, but also promote the social progress and economic development. In addition,  in RD, you will be provided with high-quality custom plastic molding services.

injection molding

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