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Customized Sheet Metal fabrication 

sheet metal fabrication

Product Description

Sheet metal fabrication needs design and draws the part drawing of its sheet metal parts, also known as three views. The purpose of the drawing is to express the structure of its sheet metal parts. Draw an expansion diagram. That is, a complicated part is expanded into a flat piece.

Blanking: NC blanking is the first need to write NC processing procedures, using programming software, will draw the expansion of the drawing into NC NC machining machine identifiable program, and then according to the programming of the plate parts of the structure and shape of punching out.

Flanging tapping:  Flanging and smoke hole, is in a small hole on the smoke into a larger hole, tapping on the suction hole again. Doing this can increase strength, prevent slippery teeth. Commonly used in the thickness of thin sheet metal processing. When the thickness is bigger, such as the thickness of above the 2.0, 2.5, etc, we can directly tap, flanging.

Punching: The general punching machine processing has punching cutting Angle, punching blanking, punching bump, punching tear, punching hole and other processing methods to achieve the processing purpose.

Rivet rivet stud, rivet nut, rivet screw, etc. The riveting method is usually completed by a punching machine or a hydraulic riveting machine to rivet it onto the sheet metal pieces.

Bending: fold 2D flat parts into 3D parts. Its processing needs a folding bed and a corresponding bending mold to complete the operation.

Compound welding: multiple parts together and achieve the purpose of processing or single seam welding parts, in order to increase its strength. The processing party generally has the following kinds: CO2 gas shielded arc welding, argon arc welding, spot welding, and robot welding, etc. The selection of welding methods is according to actual requirements and material. In general, the CO2 gas shielded welding is used for iron plate welding; Argon arc welding for aluminum plate welding; Robot welding is mainly used when the material parts are large and the welding seam is long. For example, for cabinet welding, robot welding can be used, which can save a lot of tasks and improve work efficiency and welding quality.

Surface treatment: generally, the surface treatment includes phosphating skin film, electroplating colorful zinc, chromate, baking paint, oxidation, etc. Phosphating skin film is generally used for cold-rolled plate and electrolytic plate, its role is mainly to plating a layer of protective film on the surface of the material to prevent oxidation. Then it can enhance the adhesion of its baking paint. Chromate and oxidation are commonly used for surface treatment of aluminum plate and aluminum profile. The specific surface treatment method is selected according to customer requirements.

Assembly: to put together parts or components in such a way as to make a complete material. Assembly is the last step of the completion of a material. If the material cannot be used due to scratch and bruise, it needs to be redone, which will waste a lot of processing time and increase the cost of the material. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the protection of the material.

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sheet metal fabrication

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sheet metal fabrication

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