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How to make a 3d printing jewelry

3d printing

3D mold design

A unique design is one of the main ways to create unique jewelry. Users can design an ideal wedding ring model through 3D modeling software and then send it to the jeweler. If you don't know how to make your own model by modeling software, it doesn't matter. As long as you tell the jewelry designer your idea, the designer will help you design the model by hand according to your idea, and finally generate a three-dimensional effect diagram for you to view until you are satisfied.

3D printing wax mold

The jewelry material is usually precious metal, and the 3D metal printer is not suitable for the production of such sophisticated and complicated small products. Currently, the wax casting process is still used, and the most critical wax mold is made by 3D printing technology. The jewelry industry usually USES DLP light curing 3D printer, which is the 3D printing technology with the highest accuracy at present. Using special liquid photosensitive resin wax consumable, a perfect wax mold can be produced, with the precision up to micron level, and the reduction design can be made in minute detail.


Plant wax tree

To ensure high yield and efficiency of lost wax casting, usually, multiple finished products are cast together. The next step is to gather the models together.

The 3d-printed wax mold needs to be cut out of excess support lines, then shaken clean with isopropanol to remove the residual resin. When planting trees, follow the principle of lightweight on top and heavy weight on the bottom. A soldering iron is used to melt one end of the stick onto the ring and the other end onto the main stick, a step commonly known in the jewelry industry as planting wax trees.

Make casting mold

Before starting this step, the wax tree needs to be weighed to estimate the amount of metal needed for subsequent casting.

A. Mix gypsum paste

Generally, gypsum mold is used in jewelry manufacturing, and a vacuum mixer is used for the preparation of gypsum. The gas inside can be extracted after the glue stick to avoid bubbles. The ratio is 1KG gypsum powder +350~400ML pure water (water temperature 20~28℃).

B. Grouting

Next, the wax tree is vertically centered into a special steel cup, and the prepared gypsum paste is poured into a vacuum mixer. The grouting time shall be strictly controlled within 9 minutes and remain in vacuum for 20-30 minutes for curing. Remove and wait at room temperature for 3 hours before the plaster mold is removed.

C. Dewaxing by calcining

Wax molds can also evaporate during pouring, but because of the precision and complexity of the texture of the jewelry, it is necessary to remove the wax before casting, which also enhances the performance of the plaster mold.

Pouring casting

After melting and vacuuming the calculated amount of metal, apply pressure and inject it into the gypsum mold with an intermediate frequency mold reversing machine, take it out and let it cool naturally for 5~10 minutes, and then take out the casting after it is completely cooled in water.

Processing and finishing

Cut the ring from the trunk, after polishing, polishing, diamond set, and so on, a ring that belongs to their own design is finished.

Today's highly developed industrial level has greatly improved our quality of life, but with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, many people begin to get tired of cookie-cutter products. With the development of emerging technologies such as the 3D printing industry, personalized customization is becoming a trend in many industries.

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