Sheet Metal Fabrication Stainless Steel Iron Copper Sheet Metal

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Sheet Metal Fabrication Stainless Steel Iron Copper Sheet Metal 

In broad terms mainly from the appearance of the product, size, performance, to verify the quality of the product is unqualified, and sheet metal manufacturer in the product size, structure, performance quality plays a decisive role, and sheet metal processing after the appearance of the products after processing quality directly decides the process by the quality of products the appearance of the surface treatment and surface treatment processing costs, so products in sheet metal machining process, the appearance of the product parts, size, performance, control is very important.

sheet metal fabrication

Product Description:

Processing: sheet metal fabrication

Material: There are no obvious black spots, corrosion spots on the surface of the raw materials and no obvious imprinting, scratch, deformation and other defects of the materials themselves. To make a product, the raw materials used for its parts and components must be of the same brand and of the same origin. To avoid the use of raw materials from two sources for the same product cannot ensure the consistency of the product. Our common materials are electrolytic plate (galvanized plate) : SECC;Cold plate: SPCC;Aluminum-zinc clad plate;Stainless steel: SUS;Copper: Cu;Aluminum plate: AL;Tinplate: hot galvanized board (SGCC), etc.

Grinding: Chamfering (right Angle) must be a smooth transition, the chamfering size must comply with the requirements of the drawing, no leakage chamfering phenomenon; The knife mark must be removed and the edge should not be serrated or hypotenuse. Sharp angles must be obtuse without omission; Do not destroy the zinc layer on the surface of the product when polishing and do not file the square hole obliquely or file the size too large when the cutting mark and burr enter the square hole;

Bending: bending direction must be consistent with the drawing; the size tolerance control of bending must meet the requirements of the drawing (note that the size control of bending must take spraying allowance into account, the size of the parts on the customer's drawing is the size after surface treatment); and angle as no special requirements generally control in ±1 & deg; for bending the abnormal folding knife mark control; test match of matching parts after bending, whether the whole machine parts and parts holes are aligned, fit-gap and break difference are in line with customer inspection standards after assembly;

Tong chong:Dimension direction must meet the requirements of the drawing, if the pressure fault needs a surface treatment, try to go straight, inspection with matching parts for actual inspection,the surface should not have obvious imprinting, embossing, adhesive pressure after local deformation and other defects;

Reaming: the burr must be removed clean, remove the burr after the burr is generally used bigger than the burr bit chamfering, can not use the beating machine burr removal surface treatment cannot cover; to pressure riveting nuts round hole to burr chamfering shall not be too large to avoid nut pressure riveting loose nut phenomenon;

sheet metal fabrication

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sheet metal fabrication

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sheet metal fabrication

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