Injection Molding-Plastic Storage Container

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Injection Molding-Plastic Storage Container

Injection molding is the use of plastic thermal plasticity, the first plastic raw materials by screw rotating friction heat and material tube heating assisted and dissolved into a fluid state, and then by injection pressure into the design of the model hole, after cooling out into various shapes of the shape of the product.

injection molding

Product Description

Injection Molding Processing: Mold locking -- injection glue -- melting glue -- release -- mold opening -- eject the finished product.

Materials: Hot plasticity plastic refers to the plastic melt gradually softening on heating and cooling curing such as heating can be fused to soften again, thus forming the bad product after crushing can be adding new materials for injection molding. The thermosetting plastic heat curing, such as heating could not make it soften again. Again repeated molding. Thermosetting plastic molding, low temperature preheating, from raw materials into the heating tube to soften it and then high pressure into a mold cavity. The mold to keep high-temperature heating sclerosis, and then cooling molding. The disadvantage of thermosetting plastic is not recycled use. Using the thermoplastic injection molding processing.

Conditions affecting the melting process

Glue melting temperature: Melt temperature is different, the plastic viscosity is different also, at the time of filling flow dynamic state is also different from nature, the generation of internal stress is affected, the cooling time required is not the same. That is the influence of the melt temperature is including the whole cycle time, and melt temperature also not allow to ignore the influence of the quality of product, if excessive heat may produce plastic material deterioration, such as degradation, the decomposition gas, yellow and so on, More will cause the product flow lines and bubbles. Affect the product appearance and strength. Melt temperature and screw design, feed tube temperature and screw back pressure, screw speed, injection volume and cycle time. Each kind of different materials has a different melt temperature range of appropriate suggestions. Refer to the directory, and then on the basis of the actual test results, because of product characteristics, differences of mold design. The most important is, must be included in this condition, the minutes of the molding items as quality management.

Material Tube Temperature
The material tube temperature setting is to control the material of the tube temperature of the heating ring, i.e. melting heat source. The main purpose has two, one is to make the original stranded in the feed tube and screw the cold hard plastic melt, and the screw rotate. 2 it is to make the plastic part of the heat energy required to obtain a melt. The temperature setting varies according to the plastic raw material. From the data obtained from the material specification. But, in general, the temperature lower than the melt temperature is about 5-10 degrees. Because of the screw rotation can also produce the cause of thermal-mechanical. Feeding tube temperature. Usually divided into four periods of control. Best can fit the screw feeding section, the compression section, measurement period, plus other shoot tips were given different temperature control settings. Because the melt temperature is the absolute condition, and the feed tube temperature is relative. General plastics are mostly in the feed tube in the back of the low-temperature setting. Then the piecewise elevated temperature setting, until the shoot tip part. Due to the effect of heat preservation of the just is relatively simple, reason often close to the melting temperature to homework. But sometimes shoot tip temperature adjustment can also be used to control wire drawing, solidification and so on.

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injection molding

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