Injection Molding-Water Pipe Fittings

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Injection Molding-Water Pipe Fittings

It is widely used in electrical products, electrical instrument shell, and electronic product structure.PC modified products are more, usually add glass fiber, mineral fillers, chemical flame retardants, other plastics.PC plastics have poor fluidity and high processing temperature, so the processing of many levels of modified materials needs special plasticizing injection structure.

injection molding

Product Description 

Treatment of plastics
PC has a large water absorption rate, so it must be preheated and dried before processing. Pure PC is dried at 120℃, modified PC is usually dried at 110℃ for more than 4 hours. Dry for no more than 10 hours. Generally can be used to judge the air extrusion dry enough. Up to 20% of the raw material can be used. In some cases, 100% of the raw material can be used. The actual amount depends on the quality requirements of the product. Reprocessed materials should not be mixed with different color masterbatch at the same time, or it will seriously damage the properties of the finished product.

Selection of injection molding machine
Now PC products due to cost and other reasons, the use of modified materials, especially electrical products, but also to increase the fire performance, in the flame retardant PC and other plastic alloy products molding, the requirements for injection molding machine plasticizing system is good mix, corrosion resistance, conventional plasticizing screw difficult to do.

Mold and gate design
Common mold temperature is 80-100℃, add glass fiber is 100-130℃, small products can be used needle gate, the depth of the gate should be 70% of the thickest part, other gates have ring and rectangular.
The larger the gate, the better, to reduce the plastic is overcut and cause defects. The vent depth should be less than 0.03-0.06mm, and the flow channel should be as short and round as possible. The release slope is generally about 30 '-1.

Melt temperature
It can use an empty injection method to determine the processing temperature. General PC processing temperature is 270-320℃, some modified or low molecular weight PC is 230-270℃.

Injection speed
See more rapid injection speed molding, such as electrical switch parts. Common for slow - speed - rapid prototyping.

Back pressure
The back pressure of about 10bar can be appropriately reduced without air marks or mixed colors.

Detention time
If the residence time is too long at high temperature, the material will lose quality, release CO2 and turn yellow. Do not use LDPE, POM, ABS or PA cleaning cylinder. Apply PS cleanup.

Matters needing attention
Some modified PC, due to too many times of recovery (molecular weight reduction) or various components mixed uneven, easy to produce dark brown liquid bubbles.

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